What to do if isp is down?

voicepulse is up but verizon is down…
any suggestions are where to register the sip account (they don’t support sip forwarding)

so it would have to actually register somewhere.


This is why you NEVER have number as a VOIP.

You should have a PSTN line and it should be forwarded to CVP that way when the INET is down your phones are not.

Port the numbers out; if you will not go back to POTS then look at vitelity
they have call forwarding if your system is off line.

Understand that the ITSP market is falling apart, those fly by night “dirt cheap” providers are failing left and right.

Stick with the bigger ones (CVP / vitelity)

I have setup folks on pbxes.com when they have had issues, but CVP is not one in which I have setup, the free account would allow you to see if it would work.