What size is the Distro unpacked and loaded?

Trying to load the distro 4.211.64-8 freshly downloaded from the Schmooze site and burned onto a DVD. I have downloaded it twice and burned two different DVDs.

With both DVDs the installation goes fine until the stage where it says: “… Loading all FreePBX modules”

It just stays there and no further progress is made no matter how long I leave it (for example waited 45 minutes plus). If I reboot the machine it goes back to the “… Enabling Asterisk modules”, then goes to the “… Loading all FreePBX modules” same as before then stops.

My concern is whether the HDD is actually full and hence stopping, so I just wanted to know what the full size of installation is


It would be a couple GB. It sounds like it is all installing correct. It does have to download all the FreePBX modules and install them. What type of internet speeds do you have?

Thanks for the feedback, OK so no disk size problems, I’m putting it on an old Dell with a 160 Gb HDD.

The load isn’t being totally successful as I am never getting to the login screen for CentOS, and when I stop and restart the machine it just goes back to the Loading page. I can see the FreePBX web GUI from another PC (by looking at teh router and discovering teh IP address assigned) but currently no access to the command line in Linux.

Internet speed is a ‘normal’ BT business line, normally about 4 Megs or so, the downloads took a few minutes to complete.

Is there a bundle to download that doesn’t include the Linux, should I load CentOS first separately and then load the rest?

Follow Up: Success!
After three more attempts this morning it finally completed and I have logged on to the root etc, so issue closed, thanks for your help