What should I backup before do module update


I’m planning to update all the modules in my freepbx server.
I believe this will only change the web directory content.
So I think keep a backup of the web directory is enough if something went wrong during the module update.

Could someone let me know, can I revert back to old version of modules by replacing old web directory?

Thank in advance!

It depends, if the update changes the DB schema then your plan won’t work. There are also many libraries not part of the web root.

If you want to revert you must perform a complete backup.

Thank you SkykingOH for the advice. Really appreciate it.

I’m haring difficulty for believe your 2nd point. Does freepbx able to do library update during those type of updates?

I am not sure what you mean, when you run module_admin in executes a PHP script. If any of the FreePBX modules for instance in /var/lib/asterisk/bin need to be updated they will at the same time as the web interface.

I didn’t know /var/lib/asterisk/bin changes by freepbx. Thank you again. Good to know those stuff. Well in that case taking backups of /var/lib/asterisk/bin, web and Mysql asterisk DB is enough I guess. Or do I have to take /etc/asterisk and /usr/lib/asterisk?

Just use the FreePBX backup module. Certainly I can’t remember every nook and crannie, have not done a manual backup in years.

Thank you SkykingOH!
Really appreciate your help.
I’ll use FreePBX backup module.

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