What queue settings are needed for a phone to ring after dnd


While testing different scenarios I discovered something odd, it must be a queue setting but I don’t know which one.

I have 2 phones. Phone 1 is available and Phone 2 is set to DND (*78).
A caller enters the queue and phone 1 starts ringing. At that point Phone 2 goes off DND (*79) in order to take the call.
But Phone 2 is not ringing at this point while Phone 1 still is.

What setting do I need to change to make Phone 2 available for the caller?

Thanks in advance!

You mean you take the phone off DND after the queue starts ringing, and you want the phone to pick up that queue? I don’t think there is any way to do that. If the phone is not available when the queue is set up, I don’t think it will join that queue. I think your best bet would be to put both phones in a call pickup group, that way phone 2 could pick up phone 1 by simply pressing “*8”. Or better still, program a button for “*8” and make it one touch.


Come to think of it, there might be a way to do what you want…you could play with the time out timers…have it fail over to the same queue. That MIGHT just cause a new queue to be set up with all of the phones in it. I haven’t tried it. Based on the scenario you describe, I think the call pickup option is much better.


Thanks for the advice, call pickup might be an option here.
I will try it first thing in the morning!

Hi, another possibility is to consider using queue pauses. It does exactly what you would need for pausing/unpausing and rings will come in when unpaused etc.

But pausing function would need to be defined/written by hand but its really very simple :slight_smile: