What OS and what box!

So I’ve got hold of some cheap Digium D50s and they seem to work nicely with FreePBX. I have FreePBX installed on a Pi, using RasPBX.

Have I understood correctly that to get the D50 working to its full potential with FreePBX I need to get FreePBX off the Pi and onto an x86 box?

I was thinking of using an old 2012 Mac Mini I have lying around. I guess I’ll lose the speed of r/w access I enjoy with the SD card in the Pi but might gain some other processing speed benefits? Also I guess I’d be able to do call recording which I hadn’t wanted to tax the Pi with.

So my hypothesis is: if I wipe the Mac Mini and install CentOS or Debian or Sangoma OS on it, I will then be able to install the Digium Phone Module onto FreePBX? Something I can’t do now because there isn’t an arm processor binary?

All that being so, what OS should I go for, for best compatibility and ease? It sounds like I should choose Sangoma OS, but maybe there’s something I haven’t thought of?


I meant to say - the thing that got me started on this whole “needing to get FreePBX off the Pi” was that a message popped up on the D50 saying I had a voicemail, but I seemingly can’t actually retrieve it, listen to it or manage it from the D50 as things stand?

I used to use a Pi, but found a lot of the features were either missing or didn’t work too well, so I got my old Apple Mac Server out, shoved 12GB of RAM in it (it was cheap - thanks flEaBay), and installed AsteriskNOW on it.

Works mostly great for me (except for one weird issue that’s on these forums).

Any box that has a x86 / x64 CPU in it, with a decent amount of RAM & HDD space should be able to run Asterisk/FreePBX without issue.

The thing that you’ll need to get this going is EPM, which is a commercial module, which is only available on a “supported platform”. Goodwill and the Salvation Army Technology store both sell systems that would be acceptable for a small server installation. You’ll need at least 4M of RAM and a 500M hard drive, as well as anything newer than a Pentium.

The plot thickens! So EPM is not the same as DPM and I need EPM not DPM to achieve fully working D50s with FreePBX? Or possibly both?!

Have just done some reading. I think I see now.

Am I correct in this:

I can get BLF, visual voicemail, custom line keys blah blah blah working with DPM, but in order to provision every phone no matter where it is in the office quickly and easily I would need EPM?

WIth the purchase of Digium by Sangoma, some of their “low hanging fruit” products are coming together. One of these is the DPM/EPM software package, in which the latest version of EPM is “consuming” the functionality of DPM. As the two companies become more consolidated, obvious places that can combined are coming together. IIRC, the latest EPM deprecates DPM for most of the Digium Phone product line.

Thanks Dave. I guess what I’m wondering is, have they broken compatibility with DPM or do they merely have a newer, shinier offering to it. This being for me mostly “for fun”, I don’t really know if I could get away with spending on EPM if I can (still?) achieve the same effect with DPM. I’ve been reading consistently since my last post and wow is there a lot of (sometimes conflicting) information out there about these two tools!

Remember, you are looking at a pair of moving targets. At some point in the past six months, everything you’ve read was probably correct.

As far as I know (and I only know it from reading here, I have no Digium phones), the current state of affairs with DPM is that if you have DPM installed, you can’t install the new EPM - there’s a conflict. There are also no updates to DPM, since EPM is going to replace/replaces it. DPM isn’t part of FreePBX, and may nor may not work with the newer versions of the Distro.

Remember, that all “as far as I know”. I could be completely full of crap, if only because what I just said might have been right a couple of weeks ago and isn’t anymore.

I can’t speak for Digium or Sangoma (hell, I can’t even speak for myself when my wife’s in the room) but I think the idea is to eventually completely subsume all of DPM into EPM and make the phones more dependent on FreePBX. If that’s the case, then making EPM the single management tool for Digium and Sangoma phones would make a lot of sense.

One other thing to keep in mind is that EPM is free for Sangoma phones, and since Digium is now Sangoma, Digium phones should be Sangoma phones, which should mean that EPM should be free for Digium phones as well. Remember, though, this is just my understanding - I could be completely full of crap.

Hope that almost useless explanation helped some.

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Thanks a lot, Dave. Will now post a chat I’ve just had with someone in sales over at Sangoma. Very helpful chap.

Thank you for reaching out to the Sangoma Sales Team today. My name is Bill. How may I assist you?

HI Bill
I’m confused about whether I need to buy EPM
I have some Digium D50s
Isn’t EPM free with Sangoma/Digium phones?

Yes - But maybe not all Digium Series
Let me check on the D Series

if it’s not free with the D series, are there plans to look at that decision?
or maybe it wasn’t even a decision? maybe it dates back to a time before the companies were one?

PBXact support D Series - except the D80

Ah, sorry, should have said, I am using FreePBX

Do you have a FreePBX or PBXAct?

and I have five D50 phones
I was hoping to use EPM to provision/manage
which I had understood was free
if you have a Sangoma/Digium phone

One moment
Yes - Digium D50’s can be provisioned with EPM…at no charge
D40 D45 D50 D60 D62 D65 D70

That’s brilliant news
What a great move

All except D80

So how do I go about it…?

That I don’t know…More of a support question

sorry, I didn’t mean the technical bit
I mean the obtaining EPM

It’s built in to FreePBX…nothing to buy

oh I see!


well, I think I see!

Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

sorry, one moment :slight_smile:
hmm, I’m not sure!
when I look at end point manager in FreePBX, it says:
“Endpoint Manager - COMMERCIAL MODULE REQUIRES A LICENSE FOR IT TO FUNCTION. Please visit www.schmoozecom.com/oss.php - Supports provisioning of devices.”
how will I obtain a free license? I guess that’s what I’m struggling with

That’s for phones that are NOT Sangoma (and Digium)

OK - so I can just ignore it?


I guess I’ll give it a try and report back if I encounter difficulties. But it is that module I need to download, right?


thanks Bill
you’ve been great

Most welcome
Thank you for choosing Sangoma!


Yeah - what he said.


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