What O/S and Asterisk version is the FreePBX Distro + Remote Access, & vs AsteriskNOW?


Three questions in one to satiate my curiosity. If you can help much appreciated!

Just wondering what the Linux O/S is that’s bundled with the FreePBX distro?
I can’t find where it says.

Is the Asterisk version 1.8.2?
Again I can’t see where it says but was taking a clue from the ISO file name.

Does anyone know if TeamViewer can be installed on this or some other application that readily bypasses firewalls without port forwarding for easy continuous remote support?

Can anyone recommend an application for remote support where login details and passwords can be saved on the support side allowing CLI access to systems once again without firewall issues and port forwarding?

Any comments on how the FreePBX Distro might vary from AsteriskNOW as they appear to be the same three bundled components of O/S, Asterisk and FreePBX?


The management applications are SSH and HTTP based, without a desktop environment you can’t run any type of desktop sharing application.

You could install X Windows and use VNC, that seems like a ton of work and not appropriate for a phone system.

The FreePBX support team uses SSH and SSH tunnels to access the HTTP GUI for our support team to access remote servers. It meets your requirements to store passwords. The proper and secure way to do this is to pre-share a key between the two machines rather than rely on single factor passwords.

The system is based on CentOS.

The FreePBX distro includes many patches and fixes that Asterisk Now lacks, in fact CDR’s don’t even work out of the box on Asterisk Now. Another bonus is access to the app store.

Thanks SkykingOH very helpful

Which is the best SSH app, Putty or other?

Can they bypass firewalls or do we need to set up port forwarding for every install?

You will need to forward just port 22 to the box and then can tunnel via SSH for other protocols.

Putty includes the SOX proxy so it is my choice.

The only non-firewall port forward option I can think of would be OpenVPN.

If you are intending to support FreePBX systems for a living have you considered attending our OTTS training class and becoming a certified integrator?