What makes a peer an anonymous peer

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I have spikko.com sip trunk configured, it shows as registered on
show sip registry command. however I can only get calls from it if i allow
anonymous calls in the general settings of the free pbx.

why is this peer anonymous and is there a way to change it ?

have you contacted spikko.com for help?

they may be sending you calls from somewhere else, or sip.spikko.com may resolve to multiple IP address (such as an SRV record which Asterisk does not handle correctly).

If any of the above is the case, you’ll need to further refine your configuration as Asterisk needs to match up the incoming IP address with a context that has the host= field set to that address, otherwise it will treat the call as anonymous.

An anonymous peer is one that does not match any of your existing peers.

In FreePBX speak peers are configured in trunks.

If your trunks are configured correctly the allow anonymous SIP is not needed.

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I really dont understand what is configured correctly. I have 3 sip trunks
two of them are from SIPSTATION and one is from spikko.com.
the sip station trunks are configured good and i am able to get calls and place calls on them without the allow anonymous option.

however the skippo.com trunk is configured as follows ( this is how the documentation says to configure it ).


If peer was not configured ok i would not be able to place call would i ?
another thing is that the recieved call is being sent to my asterisk but the asterisk hangs it up because of the allow anonymous option. ( if i enalbe allow anonymous then it works ).

How can i know how to configure the trunk so that i dont need the allow anonymous option set ?

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Well , that is correct !

they are sending the call from a different IP then the registration IP.
How do i set the peer to be with multiple IP’s ? I have the SRV record search on.
and another thing - i set up the peer host to be the IP where they send call from
and it still did not help…

I emailed their helpdesk, so far no response !

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If your carrier is not able to help you, let alone not responding you may want to look at other carriers…

They are really the ones who need to tell you what to configure to make it work properly. You may need multiple trunks depending on what they tell you.

Your right !

what U pay is what U get … this is “free” sip line…