What is your enum setup time?

I like the concept of enum and all but the call setup time increases by 20 seconds versus just calling the tsp. I dont believe it is the connection. I am running an older version of freepbx freePBX 2.2.0beta3 . Have there been any speed improvements in that area?

Thank you


I would suggest upgrading to the most recent version of freepbx. I only see about a 2 second delay, which isn’t usually noticed by the end users, on my system. I use ENUM heavily.

This leads me to think. The more systems we can get on enum the better for everyone correct? Why not have enum enabled by default (with the option left to turn off of course) and also have some sort of auto signup script from within FreePBX? perhaps just a weblink will suffice? It is easy enough to go to the website e164.org promote it a bit more?

Or do people hold off on that because e164.org is a for profit organization?