What is this witchcraft? (Trunk SIP troubles..)

Hi everyone ! Hope there is a powerful magician here to try to help me.

It’s been 1week that i try to fix my Trunk SIP.

Atm i’m using FreePBX 14.0.11 and Asterisk 15.2.0
and i two softphone configured.

Calls in local work perfectly and the TrunkSIP seems to be connected.
But i can’t have inbound and outbound calls.

Here with this link my shows / trunkconfig / outboundconfig / inboundconfig / logs (with an outbound call)


Hope someone have the time and the skill to help me ! Cya ! and Thanks !

Your inbound route is set up to take the call and direct it back to the same trunk ? That looks wrong - set the inbound route destination as any/any and make the destination an extension

Your outbound is never finding. Route out - the only otter you are trying to match is X meaning it’s only goi g to match that outbound route if you dial a single digit… I think you meant to use a “.” - try that instead


Ty !

This work perfectly fine, i have to learn about dialpatterns.

Have a nice day !

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