What is this icon?

And how do I get rid of it?

It started to appear after the latest firmware. These users once had access to Zulu, but no longer do. We removed their Zulu access but the icon does not go away.

Phone also displays:
“X new Message(s)” where it normally says “Voice Mail X new”

Factory reset, temporarily clears it, but it comes back.

Product Model S505
Firmware Version BOOT– 09:59:00)
IMG– 09:09:00)
ROM– 09:09:00)
DSP–9.0.3RB(Patch 1.0.16)


Would the best way to disable be removing the rpm or adding “res_digium_phone.so” to “Excluded Modules” from “Admin -> Asterisk Modules”?

Guessing both methods would require a reboot.

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