What is the realation between freeepbx and elastix pbx?

hiii , i want to know , what is the relation between elastix pbx and free pbx , i mean i used to use elastix pbx and not use the free pbx ,

are they dependent ?

when we use freepbx and when we use elastix pbx ?


Elastix is just Asterisk + FreePBX plus a handful of other things they do.

If I recall correctly they so some minor modifications to FreePBX which makes is quite fragile to upgrade, keep up with security issues, etc.

As a general rule, if you aren’t specifically seeking some of the ‘goodie’ extras that they have put on their system, then you will be better off using the FreePBX Distro which is all maintained by the same FreePBX team. But you would have to see if there are some of the extras they choose to put on that you want.


appreciate your help


I installed the FreePBX Distro and now regret it, because if I upgrade it I’m forced into taking FreePBX 2.10 which I don’t want, because it does not support some third-party addons that I’ve come to rely upon, particularly Swiss Army Knife. But I now find out that the Distro uses a patched version of Asterisk so I don’t know if I can upgrade Asterisk by itself and still keep FreePBX 2.9, or if doing so will break something. I realize that by upgrading Asterisk individually I would never be able to do a full Distro upgrade again, but I can live with that since I don’t want 2.10 or anything higher.

Prior to this install of the FreePBX Distro I used Elastix and found it very reliable, and did not have nearly the trouble with it that I’ve had since installing the FreePBX Distro, though to be fair some of that was brought on by Asterisk 1.8. I only upgraded to get Google Voice support and now it turns out that doesn’t even work properly for incoming calls half the time, so I wish I’d just stuck with Elastix. But this is just one user’s experience.

You are correct we use a patched asterisk but all patches have been submitted back to Digium. They are for things mainly like CCSS and such. You can go ahead and install Asterisk yourself. It should not break anything.

It would take way to much work for us to support 2 tracks of the Distro. One for FreePBX 2.9 and One for 2.10. Its a progressive Distro which means we are always moving forward with features and enhancements and not sitting idle like others might be.

Thank you Tony Lewis, breaking something is what I was worried about. I do not know what CCSS is so I guess I don’t use it.

Careful. I don’t know what half of the stuff on our system does but that does not mean I don’t use it. Do your research before you make drastic changes. :slight_smile: