What is the Networks section telling us?


Looking at the FreePBX GUI, if we multiply by 8 the eth0 TX and RX on the PBX which is in KB/s, is that the ADSL bandwidth being used / what it needs or something else?



…info. I’ll investigate NTOP for more detailed stats. Looking at the website it looks ideal!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Its the network bandwidth, certainly not the internet bandwidth. If you have a few SIP phones etc… communicating with the pbx on the LAN then there will be all sorts of random traffic on the network (ARP requests, SIP Registers), if your pbx is in the media path of the call then it will also be counting both the traffic from the internet to your pbx, and from your pbx to your Phones.

If you want a more accurate internet statistic use a decent firewall running something like NTOP, or at the very least use two network interfaces one for the pbx to the internet, and one for your IP Phone network then only monitor the traffic stats on the internet nic.

Yes, that’s the bandwidth being used. The more calls your server takes, the higher the bandwidth.