What is the difference between a virtual and other extension types

Today (saturday) I started to play with FREEPBX version 14 and was wondering what is the difference between a real extension and a virtual one.
I was checking these threads but still can’t understand the diffence

In my case I would like to redirect some calls directly to my cellphone

If you will never register an actual physical device, but want all the other features of an extension (voicemail, FMFM, etc.) then you want a virtual extension. If all you are doing is directing calls to a DID, you might be better served by a Misc Destination.

Note that you can get a “real” extension to work even if you never connect a phone to it, but it opens your system to targeted hacking attacks and other nefarious stuff. From a purist perspective, the only difference between a real extension and a virtual extension is that you can’t connect a phone to a virtual extension.

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