What is the default dialplan for VEGA-100G

we are testing with other E1 connection with FreePBX and VEGA-100G. we can make inbound call through VEGA-100G, and forward to FreePBX with PJSIP. But when we make outbound calls, it looks VEGA-100G can not route to out. the VEGA log shows:

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:49:21.595 (null) ©R01C00 Login attempt username: intern locally authenticated

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:49:21.595 CONSOLE (I)R02C00 AUTOEXEC-started

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:49:21.595 LAN (A)Rb4C00 TFTP services have not been configured

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:49:21.595 CONSOLE (A)RbbC14 AUTOEXEC-TFTP not configured

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:51:14.955 ROUTER (A)Rb0C00 FINDROUTE: rejected; no route
<-- SIP [2,1] dest=NAME:300,TEL:300

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:51:14.955 ROUTER (I)R07C00 no route to destination
call ref=[f1000533]

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:51:14.955 SIP (I)R04C10 disconnect(disc req) 1
call ref=[f1000533]

LOG: 29/05/2019 04:51:48.425 WEBSERV ©R01C00 Login attempt username: admin locally authenticated

I check VEGA dialplan, there is To_SIP only. How do I add a other dialplan to support FreePBX->E1? Could you give me some default examples?

You should define new dilaplan for TDM based on E1 interface.
I suggest to look into this slides. it will teach you fishing :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing, but I can not access the slides from china.

maybe, can Sangoma stuff share a dialplan with me?

Hi @james

Here is the attached default dialplan for To_E1T1