What is the clean way to enable webenabled for the Manager (AMI)?

Hello !

Is there a way to enable the webenabled = Yes in the GUI ?

If I enable it in the manager.conf, it working !
If I enable it in the manager_custom.conf it’s NOT working :frowning:

So what is the right way to set this ?

All in Settings -> Advanced Settings under the heading “Asterisk Builtin mini-HTTP server”

Unfortunately, it is not working.

I tried to set Enable the mini-HTTP Server to Yes :

pbx-freepbx*CLI> manager show settings

Global Settings:

Manager (AMI): Yes
Web Manager (AMI/HTTP): No
TCP Bindaddress:

But Web manager is still OFF.

What’s wrong ?

My apologies, reading too quick. You can enable it by directly editing manager.conf. There is no prohibition against editing this file.

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Ok ! I do it that way ! Thank you :slight_smile:

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