What is the Best way

Is there a way so if I receive a call from the customer and he asked to talk to another person so I put the customer to hold then call the other person and ask if you wants to talk to that customer if he says yes then I can how I can I merge the call.
Thank you

If your device has a transfer button or softkey, press that while on the first call. The customer is automatically placed on hold, dial the number you’d like to transfer to. When they answer, you can speak privately (original caller is still on hold). If they want to speak to your customer, just hang up and they will be connected. Otherwise, press cancel and you’ll be connected to your customer again.

If your device lacks a transfer function, dialing *2 while on the first call will usually accomplish the same thing.

Thank you Stewart im using yealink t46s and i did try the transer did not do it if i do a conferance then wehn i hung up it will disconnect all the calls, in avaya i use to do a conference then i will hung up the will countinue the conversations.

Try these settings:

With Sangoma phones you have the option when hanging up a conf call of having the conf call be cancelled or allow it to remain in place.

Thank you i will try this.

Hi Tony,
I know you have some more features with sangoma phone but the customer has yealink on place and im looking for solution thank you
I have a new project with 1200 ext
600 sangoma 705
18 vega 3050
And 2 2000 pbxact

There is an Asterisk feature called “Attended Transfer” that does this, regardless of your phone make. Look under the Admin menu and look for Feature Codes.

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