What is the average number of active agents on your FreePBX deployments?

Hello all,

I am editing this post to take into consideration some of the legitimate concerns voiced by the people. I really appreciate your input, it helps me determine how to better communicate my questions in the future.

So, here is an attempt at a more focused approach.

On average, how many extensions do you typically have on one of your deployments?

Of those extensions, how many of those are agents actively sending/receiving calls? (Not just used for Voicemail or something)

Which do you tend to leverage more often, queues or ring groups?


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I’m trying to understand what info you are looking for.

The amount of extensions FreePBX can handle? The resources people use? Or just a general survey?

I’ve seen systems with 2 extensions and systems with more than 1000.

What is the point of this?

Hello, purely looking for general information. I appreciate the feedback!

Yes, which is why I mentioned that a small sample set isn’t necessarily reflective of the entirety of FreePBX deployments. Also, the point of it is purely to start trying to establish the median number of extensions/users on a system. Why is this useful? I’m doing some custom development for some clients, but
knowing how large or small the average system is would allow me to determine which tools or applications would be useful to the end-users and admins as a whole. It would be nice to help not only my clients, but also help expand the capabilities of FreePBX for all. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

So, if I where to say “37”, would you find that useful ?

Dicko, I see what you’re getting at, but how is it useful for anyone to lie about the average size of their deployments? Any survey is only as accurate as the information provided by the sample set. So, if a bunch of Cretins want to lie when contributing to the sample set, so be it, I can account for those deviations and decrease the margin of error to something reasonable. Alas, I really would like to create some tools that would help everyone, so proper input would be nice. Lastly, thank you for your reply!

This question as posed will not result in useful answers; the number of users/extensions is not normally relevant. There is a mathematical average, but there is nobody who can claim with any authority what it might be. I’m aware of FreePBX systems set up exclusively for Voicemail, on which there are many thousands of extensions, but only a small number of concurrent calls. I know of systems set up for inbound call centers that have a few dozen agents on the phone all day every day, using queues, recording calls, doing API hooks throughout the call process that puts far more stress on the system than the voicemail system with thousands of users.

It sounds like you have a goal in mind, perhaps you should rephrase your question as ‘I have an X business with Y people, doing Z calls/minutes with A,B,C & D features required’.


Lorne, I appreciate the constructive reply! I will think on this and rephrase my question. The reason I used users/extensions is for the reason you outlined. Maybe “How many extensions do you have on a system and of those how many are active agents used for receiving and originating calls?” I have made FreePBX work for my clients and their needs, I’m just looking to hopefully contribute some software to the community if it is feasible. Thanks again!

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i am not lying, i have many pbi some have 4 some have 250, my average is 37.

although true and a precise answer, just completely useless data.

Not completely useless depending on the application and the question(s) you’re trying to answer. If one is looking to achieve a more acute goal then one should ask more specific questions. However, if all one wants is a broad overview, then the data you provided would suffice. As an example, someone looking to buy a doctor’s office may ask, “How many patients have you seen”? Another will ask, “How many active patients have you seen in the last 24 months?” Both questions serve a different purpose in painting an overall picture and correlating the two would only add detail to the piece. It all depends on the application. I appreciate you taking the time to try and determine what is and is not useful to a third-party based off your own biased scope of understanding and reason. I do agree with Lorne in that I should rephrase some things to better sort out more pertinent information. I was merely trying to keep it at the 100,000ft view, but individuals such as yourself have beef with generality and fail to take a step back to see how it might or might not be of consequence.
Though, your feedback in any form is of use, so I appreciate it!

FreePBX has full analytics on this as part of the data they get reported back on all installs and every time you update your modules in mirror admin unless you turn that feature off in the Advanced Settings module. While I can’t share data from my Previous Sangoma days. In 2016 during the Schmooze days before FreePBX was sold to Sangoma the average extension count per system was 27 extensions per install with 500 plus new installs per day being installed.

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Tony, I really appreciate your feedback as this is tremendously useful! This is the kind of general answer I was looking for. If I start with general information, I can ultimately obtain the more granular data moving forward. Thanks again.

Well now I see the topic has changed from ‘users/extensions’ to ‘agents’. So with that I now have a clarification query. @MoTheMighty Are you referring to an Agent as someone in a queue or are you referring to an agent as someone with a phone? Because those are two totally different types of users.

The great thing about stats is as my teacher from years ago said, you can prove anything with stats as few understand it.

Thinks about it, 27 extensions per install on average and 500 per day installs, does that actually infer 5 million new users of Asterisk//FreePBX a year ? Absolutely not, the two statistics are unrelated the average user might be 27 on mature deployments (but there is no apparent verifiable source for that figure), but that 500 folks a day are actually adding to that base is not what is being claimed they are merely downloading the code :slight_smile:

Never said downloads. I said installs. Those installs were because the FreePBX Distro did a first boot to grab payload at that time so we knew how many per day hit us. Does that mean all 500 are production, no of course not. I was just offering up actual stats from 2016 as I was able to offer those as they were before Sangoma bought it. I would not be able to comment on anything since 2016. Take it for what it’s worth.

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