What is possible with the cisco 8841 ?

Hi everyone,

I have a cisco 8841 on Asterisk 18 with Freepbx 16. I tried the patch usecallmanagernz and Chan SCCP with SCCP manager but I’m still stuck on the following features :

Conference - When I try do to a conference, the phone say “Unable to complete conference”

Do not disturb - When I active it, I have a lot of log like this :
res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:676 log_failed_request: Request ‘PUBLISH’ from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ (callid: [email protected]) - Failed to authenticate

idivert - When I refuse a call, idivert softkeys do not refuse the call

Has anyone found a solution to these problems ?

Thank you

I found my mistake, I declared the extentions wrongly in extensions.conf. You just had to put the context “[from-internal-custom]”.

exten => _[x]-cisco-serviceuri-.,1,Goto(${EXTEN:19},1)

And for those wondering, all cisco 8800 features work with the usecallmanager patch. The only flaw of this patch is that it doesn’t work with pjsip.

For those interested, I contacted the developper of usecallmanager to find out if there would be a migration to pjsip. Here is his answer:

Creating a whole new channel driver that uses PJSIP is the best option, unfortunately that is a lot of work.

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