What is name server on install?


Just have a couple of questions regarding the network settings. I have a cisco router w / gateway of . During the install when setting a static ip it asks for ip/subnet, dns and name server. I am aware of everything except name server? what is that? would it be


In the pbx config under advance Sip settings/ Nat settings I see where it asks for the external ip address and local networks? I click auto-configure and it does get my external ip correct. however under local networks it gives a Should this be

Thank you

The local network field is the network ID, not an IP address.

If the system identified it as I assume you have a 24 bit subnet mask ( so would be the network ID 1-254 the usable host IP’s and 255 the broadcast IP. For masks larger than 24 it could be possible for .1 to be the network ID.

The name server is a DNS server reachable from your network.

Thank You. Everything seems to be working. Really appreciate the help Scott.