What is going on with Support?

Hello! Yes - we support FreePBX in VM’s, though the maintenance and administration of the virtual machine host itself is typically out of scope. But anything within FreePBX itself, assuming the VM is functioning properly is fair game.

I think we’re also more cost effective than Sangoma’s paid support.


FreePBX as a VM today vs 10 plus years ago is very different. Things like conference rooms use to rely on dahdi for timing but with app conference that all changed. So yes advice given years ago would not be relevant today.


Hint, if you check user’s profile you will see how many likes received and how many solutions were provided. This is unbiased data from real people like you and me. Send private messages, get several quotes and do your homework. Hope this would help you make an educated decision . Best of luck .

Disclaimer: I am not a tech and I don’t have a tech background

At Tony Lewis and Chris Sherwood…

Stop stiring the pot.

We all know the two of you are thick as Thieves.

try to post constructive stuff and not self iindulging Marketing stuff and digs at Sangoma etc.

Tony we all know your past history and feelings for Sangoma but this is not the correct forum for you to continue your greviences.

I am sitting down waiting for the barage coming at me as I know I will never win the war of words with this person :slight_smile:

So @kendalldever15, can YOU answer why Sangoma support has gone MIA?
(Nothing at all from them here in two weeks ;-))

But they are apparently trying to gather a log pile for some reason.

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I have no clue why you decide to attack 2 people that for years you relied on technically to keep your business afloat and train your own staff about FreePBX.

If Sangoma support is failing people they need to know other options exist. Plain and simple.

Numerous flagged posts here as inappropriate and off topic.

Closing thread.