What is a command on VoIP server to assign an extension to a particular phone

The problem
is, what commands must be run on the VoIP server to achieve the following:

  • assign an extension to a particular phone
  • re-assign an extension when a user moves to another desk
  • if the user was in the middle of a call, to put the call on hold and
    then transfer it to the new desk when the user moves

Dear Sir,
It’s an experiment i just want to know whether it is possible to assign/configure phone(physical/Switch) an extension number using Asterisk command.

“Dear Sir”, yes it is possible. The above mentioned guide will show you how.

These are VERY basic questions.

  1. Extensions are assigned in the extensions tab of FreePbx.
  2. The Physical telephone must be programmed to match a previously created extension.
  3. If the move from one desk to another is permanent, simply move the phone.
  4. If the moves from one desk to another is at random and occurs frequently, you’ll want to look at setting up your system in the “device and user” mode.
  5. The best way for a person to take a call at one location and move it to another location where he or she can pick it up is to use the “park” function.

Finally, and I’m not trying to be a smart [email protected]# here, from the questions you ask, you’re a long way away from having a working system. You’ve a lot of reading to do. May I suggest, as a starter, you take a look at this document to get you started: