What if I use Freepbx over Asterisk Core?

  1. I have to plan to use FreePBX for my small project, but In my project, I’ll work on some Speech to Text transformation task in future, so Is it okay if I go with FreePBX?
  2. I have some doubt regarding the database, IVR and python library in FreePBX. Actually, I read some QA in the forum in that some say we can’t use database and IVR in FreePBX and when I googled about that I got some positive response like yes we can do IVR and database query in FreePBX, correct me in this please because It’s a very crucial part in my project.
    Second, in my project I will use python for some APIs so can I use FreePBX in python? If yes, then how?

Thank you so much for your help

  1. The main benefit of FreePBX for many is the GUI. If the GUI is valuable to you for your future uses, I recommend FreePBX. If you do not plan to use the GUI, you are probably fine with Asterisk alone

FreePBX is just an additional application run in parallel to Asterisk. It does control many of the Asterisk config files, but leaves hooks for you to customize and override whatever you wish. .

  1. You have access to all databases in FreePBX, You can query them easily. As far an manipulating them and writing to them, again, FreePBX controls these databases to accomplish multiple tasks. This can cause issues with writing in data or changing the existing tables schema, but there is nothing stopping you from querying the data or writing it into your own tables/dbs.

Regarding Python, FreePBX uses an older version, but there is no reason you cannot install a separate version in parallel. We do this ourselves. We create most of our Python scripts in a newer version of Python, and then integrate the scripts into FreePBX using AGIs.

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If by ‘database’ you mean using asterisk’ real-time database , then you are out of luck with FPBX, if you can work with the asynchronous aspect of first writing to the database, then commiting it, then FPBX makes programming a PBX much easier.

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