What happens if you skip updates?

Hey there. So I recently upgraded one of my systems from the 6.12.66 track to the 10.13.66 track. I then went straight from 10.13.66-1 to 10.13.66-13. I wasn’t thinking straight that night I guess.

So far the system seems to be working ok. What are the potential problems or downsides? Is there a way to recover from this? Maybe go back and run 10.13.66-2, then each step back up until I get to 13 again? I don’t even know if the scripts will let me do that.

Should I back up the config, reinstall, do all the upgrades then restore the config?

Thanks for any advice.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine. If anything weird does happen, let us know and we’ll help you get through it issue by issue.

Dave, thank you.

I have 6 or 7 cloud PBXes that I need to migrate to new servers. I plan to change them over to Asterisk 13, upgrade them from 6.12.66 to 10.13.66 then move them. They’re all on the latest update for 6.12.66 already, but when I get them on 10.13.66 I should do the updates one step at a time, right? It would obviously be a lot faster if not, but I should probably play it safe?

According to the powers that are from the wiki:

"All upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order. Do not skip any upgrade step. Upgrade scripts are not cumulative. Each upgrade script should be run in ascending order to get to the desired final version.

The upgrade path is one-way. These scripts cannot be used to downgrade the version of FreePBX Distro to an earlier version. The only way to reverse the effects of the upgrade procedure is to restore the system from a backup."

To be safe, I would follow their instructions. I am behind now a couple versions and need to update. I usually wait a few versions so that I don’t have to constantly remove those modules I don’t want to disable yet keep on updating.


A lot depends on how you’re using the upgrade path.

If you are upgrading from the Module Admin screen, there are lots of times where updates are skipped and applied. Using the upgrade scripts, I’m reasonably (not 100%, but reasonably) sure that the upgrade scripts take into account the intermediate steps and will either balk if you miss one, or will simply apply them for you.

@jfinstrom or one of the other gurus should chime in here any time now.