What happened to the option to display a timestamp before each CLI line?

Maybe it is my imagination but I could have sworn that until recently, if you invoked the Asterisk CLI using the T option (for example asterisk -rvvvvT) it would display a timestamp before each line, which was quite handy in some situations. Now it seems that has disappeared and if you try to do that it says “‘T’ option is not compatible with remote console mode and has no effect.”

Is there some other way to get Asterisk to put a timestamp in front of each CLI line? This is one of those things that I would have never thought I’d miss, until it was gone. Funny thing is that now I can’t even find a mention of the “T” option in any of the documentation so either I’m having a Mandela effect moment, or it used to be a thing but it was recently removed, I just can’t imagine why.


‘timestamp = yes’

Thank you, that works!

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