What happened to REFRESH button on Asterisk Info page?

on older versions of FPBX there was a refresh button on the Asterisk Info page. Why was it removed?

Thanks leon

Open feature request you can watch here:

I did and was just told to come here :frowning:

I had it as a bug here is the post from James:
The James added a comment - 9 minutes ago


This appears to be a support issue.
This system is setup for bug tracking only and does not handle support request or general questions.
If you require support or simply need answers you have several options.

Self Service:
Community Forums with search
Paid support.

Thank you for using FreePBX
The James

You opened as a “bug” and asked a question. This is not a bug and bug or feature requests should be declarative statements

I was not telling you to open a ticket, I linked an open feature request you can watch for progress.

I changed it from BUGS --> FEATURE REQUEST when I reopened it the first time and now it’s closed again without any comments

I reopened it as a feature request per comments from Lorne and now it is closed again

ok i see in history it was a dupe request thank you