What generates the internal phonebook

Where is the data for the internal phonebook pulled from? Extensions? Users?

lol, that’s a bit deeper of an answer than I was looking for. I meant when configuring a system with the gui, doe the internal phonebook get created from adding extensions? adding users (created automatically when you create and extensions) or something else?

Several of my systems seem to have lost the internal phonebook.

it is created from extensions and custom entries aka “speeddials”

Essentially in astdb there will be something like AMPUSER/1001/cidname "JOHN SMITH"

The extension being 1001 and CallerID Name being JOHN SMITH for that extension

So basically here’s my situation, several of my systems that use Digium phone Config module and have the internal phonebook assigned to the rapid dial key phonebook have lost all entries.

@jfinstrom Not sure why or how to get it back.

as a test, I created a new phonebook in the digium phone config module and assigned it to my test phone. The entries don’t show up on the rapid dial keys and if I select the Contacts button on the phone nothing shows up either.

I assume the internal phonebook is stored in the asterisk db? If so, what table is it?

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