What fax engine does FreePBX Distro use?


I have FreePBX Distro installed and fax works great with it out of the box. Now, I am trying to install FreePBX on as an OpenVZ Container so I want to duplicate the same work done on FreePBX Distro for fax.

Please point me to what FreePBX uses for fax (e.g. res_fax, hylafax, etc…) and maybe point me to packages I need to install to get this running.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


To answer my own questions here, seems that someone from “coalsccentsystems.ca” has provided for full installation of Spandsp and asterisk - which is currently used by FreePBX developers:

Patching Asterisk with softfax/spandsp.

- Download the latest 0.2 spandsp files from http://www.soft-switch.org
- cd /usr/src/spandsp-xxx
- ./configure
- make && make install

The spandsp libraries are installed to /usr/local/lib.  Therefore /usr/local/lib must be added to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable of the user that starts the asterisk process. To be safe, also add it to /etc/ld.so.conf and run ldconfig.

Copy the following files (from soft-switch.org) to /usr/src/asterisk/apps/ :

- cp app_rxfax.c /usr/src/asterisk/apps/
- cp app_txfax.c /usr/src/asterisk/apps/
- cp apps_makefile.patch /usr/src/asterisk/apps/

- cd /usr/src/asterisk/apps
- patch < apps_makefile.patch

Asterisk CLI Fax commands:
fax-serverA*CLI> core show help fax
fax set debug {on|off} Enable/Disable FAX debugging on new FAX sessions
fax show capabilities Show the capabilities of the registered FAX technology modules
fax show session Show the status of the named FAX sessions
fax show sessions Show the current FAX sessions
fax show settings Show the global settings and defaults of both the FAX core and technology modules
fax show stats Summarize FAX session history
fax show version Show versions of FAX For Asterisk components

Ref: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/browser/freepbx/trunk/INSTALL