What does "FreePBX Board Review - w/Dev Testing" mean?

When the Sangoma team updates a bug report/feature request to “FreePBX Board Review - w/Dev Testing”, does that mean the request is actively pursued and worked on and we can expect a fix to be released in the near future?

No. Any opened bug report/feature request go there. It’s what’s called a workflow.

And what exactly does it mean when a feature request gets assigned to HEAD?

That means it is not yet assigned to a working branch

@jfinstrom can you add a wiki to the FreePBX dev portion of the wiki that talks about each status and the flow of things so users have a full understanding.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean, that it ever will be, right?
E.g. a feature request like this one: http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-12442


we periodically review HEAD and pull things in but they are not currently on the roadmap. HEAD means that if the resources are availible it may get pulled into the roadmap. Some things are assigned to PW. These are items that are unlikely to get completed without a community developer.

Maybe the wiki needs to get updated?

From reading it sounds like Dev Testing means that code for a fix has already been written and is due for review.

“Once you see the status set to DEV TESTING that means the developer thinks they have the issue resolved and their code is being peer reviewed. At this point code may pass and go to Published or Closed. There may be issues with the code as well which would result in the team member making the required adjustments then resubmitting it to the peers.”

DEV Testing means just that. The fix or feature is being tested.

You are confusing a workflow with ticket status. The workflow “FreePBX Board Review - w/Dev Testing” is for internal use and has no bearing on ticket status.

You got alerted because we changed the workflow of our tracker. Again, this has no bearing on ticket status. Looking at your ticket you can see we’ve done this several times, each time we update the “workflow” it affects all tickets. There will be many more times we will change the workflow in the future. Again this has no bearing on ticket status:

The status of your ticket is “Open” in “HEAD”. There is no movement at this time on it.

When a ticket is in “dev testing” it would look like this:

Summary: Your ticket is not in dev testing.

Hopefully that cleared up any concerns you had.

Yes, it did clear things up. Thanks.




We are interested in paying for implementation of the feature request discussed in this thread, if this is an option.
Let me know if this is possible.

@avayax I’ll get back with you directly with a development quote.