What does "Force Answer" in the Inbound Route means?

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maybe someone can enlighten me. So we a had an one way audio issue with incoming calls from a specific location. We couldn’t hear the other location but the other location could hear us. This only happened when the other location calls us. When we call the other location everything works fine.
After making sure it is not a NAT issue I have enabled “Force Answer” in the “Anvanced Settings” of the Inbound Route and the issue was gone.

Can some explain to me what this setting exacly does? The official documentation references an older version of FreePBX where this setting is missing.

Is there an option to enable this setting globally for all inbound routes by default? Should I even enable this setting?

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Answers the call immediately (thus often charging the caller, but also allowing normal, rather than early media) rather than waiting until the called party answers.

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Thanks @david55 for the clarification.
This makes me thinking that this workaround for the described problem is not ideal.
I know my question got answered but does anyone know what the problem might be?
I was able to capture the WAN interfaces on both locations. On the other location audio is sent and received. On our location the receiving channel is missing and audio is only sent. For me this looks like a provider problem. Interestingly, both locations are using the same VoIP provider (Telekom Germany).

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