What do I need to make my FreePBX Online

hello everyone
i am an amateur in freepbx
what do i need to be able to make sip calls on internet beside these things :

  • static ip for servers
  • sip trunks

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You probably will want a SIP client as well, either a softphone (free or otherwise) or an IP phone.

i know , i mean do i need like static ip for ip phones ?

Depending on what all you mean:

  • Static IP for your FreePBX Install (local IP)
  • some form of SIP Trunk provider (wavix, twilio, didlogic, etc)
  • a phone. this could be a Softphone (Counterpath Bria, Zoiper, etc), or a phone (Mitel, Polycom, Cisco, etc) configured to register on that FreePBX IP.

you can get a lot of fancy beyond that, but:
Phone needs to talk to FreePBX install to Register
FreePBX needs to talk to a carrier in order to call out and in.

you’ll probably want some firewall rules to allow your SIP Trunk provider to talk to the FreePBX server. some people do this by saying:
Traffic from (the IP Addresses given to me by Twilio) on (the ports we care about), allow access to (or static route to) FreePBX Server.

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You don’t necessarily need a static IP address even though it’s definitely better. With dynamic DNS you can access your server without the need of a static IP address. It depends on how often the IP address changes.

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