What ATA card?

Hi guys, im from the philippines and wanted to use Freepbx as my thesis. I have successfully installed Freepbx in an HP laptop(for testing purposes) and been wondering if i was to install it in a desktop, what card should i buy? (i already figured out the specs of the PC to use as the server) i like to defend my thesis system with a particular set-up including:

2 analog phone
1 smart phone(im not sure what app to use yet)
1 softphone(windows, ill use x-lite)

my goal is to basically to make the devices call each other successfully (if possible)

its only a thesis proposal,but my life depends in it(lol)

can you guys suggest the best card for testing and what am i missing out or did not understand about Asterisk

Thank you!

Well this is about 15 minutes of work so your thesis will be very short.

The Openvox cards are the least expensive we recommend. Need one with two FXS ports.

You could also use your laptop and get an ATA that connects FXS via Ethernet