What are you doing for backup?

I’m starting to play w/ the FreePBX backup feature. I’m using Using FreePBX

My “server” doesn’t use RAID. So besides backing up the configuration, I’m interested in backing up the O/S.

Any tips for doing this? I’ve been googling “centos backup,” but figured I’d ask here in case someone has a particularly good way to backup/restore the entire drive in the server in the event that disaster strikes.

I have additional internal and external (USB) drives available for backup, just not sure what the best option would be.


When I get to the “Install” section:

cd /usr/src/mondo
rpm -ivh *.rpm

I get the following output:

error: Failed dependencies:
cdrecord is needed by mondo-

Any tips for getting cdrecord for CentOS? I would just google this, but I’m concerned about getting the wrong instructions and botching the job.

Okay, “yum install cdrecord” in case anyone reading this in the future (maybe me) is wondering.

Follow-up, also need to “yum install dvd+rw-tools” and then it seems to work.

Thanks, I have updated the instructions

Just my 2c, but never consider RAID as “a backup”, doesn’t prevent someone from actively breaking it, just prevents total loss in the case of another hard drive failing.

I agree (RAID is not a backup). I guess my point was that I feel extra vulnerable because I am running on a single drive.

From what I’ve seen so far, I like the Mondo package VERY MUCH.

I have used it to make a bootable image backup (to DVD) of my working FreePBX box. I have restored that self-booting DVD to a test box. This weekend I plan on switching to the test box just to see that it all works.

The only change I think I will need to make (because the hardware isn’t identical) is to configure the network card in the test box.

Thanks everyone for the help.