What are the y00000000000x.cfg files in /tftpboot?

I have a bunch of config files in my tftpboot folder that I don’t understand what they are for:
y000000000006.cfg y000000000038.cfg y000000000007.cfg y000000000044.cfg

Anybody knows what those are?
I have Yealink phones.
That is they information they contain:

#Configuration automatically generated via the EndPoint Module

security.user_password  = admin:_password_
security.user_password = user:_id_
linekey.1.line = 0
linekey.1.value =
linekey.1.extension = **
linekey.1.type = 27
linekey.1.label = Login Int
memorykey.1.line = 0
memorykey.1.value =
memorykey.1.pickup_value = **
memorykey.1.type = 27
memorykey.1.xml_phonebook =

They are generated by EPM for hotdesking with Yealink devices.

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