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What are the main directories used for backup?

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(Art) #1

What are the necessary directories I need for a full backup of my FreePBX?
i was doing a backup of /var/ and /usr/ but as expected, it’s taking too much space on the HDD.

Is the backup offered on the “backup assistant” all i need(as if i would make a new clean install)?

(Jerry Riggin) #2

That depends on what you mean by “full backup.” To be able to restore your PBX to a fresh install of same version, just select Full Backup, CDRs, System Audio and Voicemail. I don’t think that grabs AGI scripts, so I also add /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin because we have custom agi scripts.

More here:

However, my definition of “full backup” means image the server.

(Art) #3

Oh ok, good to know i don’t need so much space as i tought… thanks!
and yeah by “full backup” i mean only my personal files and settings etc