What about isymphonyV3 in a distro update

I understood iSymphonyV3 is included in Freepbx new official distro
I updated mine from 5.211.65-2 to 5.211.65-19 and still got the “Failed to contact iSymphony server” error
I suspect update doesn’t install the V3 server
Should I install it by hand ?
There is a reccomended package to install for official FreePbx distro ??

Thank you

It should be installed but on upgrade we do not have it start the process incase you are using V2.

So, should I disable V2 server and enable V3 one ?
What’s the right procedure ?

Thank for replying

If you are planning on only using V3 you should shutdown the V2 server and uninstall it. You can shut down the V2 server via the following command:

service iSymphonyServer stop

Use the following command to identify the V2 rpm id:

rpm -qa | grep iSymphony

Once you have identified the v2 server use the following command to uninstall it:

rpm -e

If iSymphony V3 is installed you can use the following command to start it:

service iSymphonyServerV3 start

Sorry. It looks as if the forum does not like greater than less than characters. The uninstall command is

rpm -e [the rpm id of the v2 server]

Thank you for suggestion

Rpm -qa gives me back the only V2 server installed , in fact : iSymphonyServerV3: unrecognized service

I suppose I have to issue the “rpm -Uvh iSymphonyServerV3-[version]-1.noarch.rpm” command as described in your guide.

Yes. It looks as if the V3 server did not get installed. You can follow the getting Started Guide below for installation and setup steps:


You should already have java installed.

Once you have the server installed there are a few special steps that are needed in order to get the iSymphony server running as the same user Asterisk runs under:

  1. Stop the iSymphony server

service iSymphonyServerV3 stop

  1. Change the ownership of the iSymphony install

chown -R asterisk:asterisk /opt/isymphony3

  1. Restart iSymphony

service iSymphonyServerV3 start