We've been using Trixbox at my office since 2007, What new Free PBX Distro functionality should we roll our with our new system?

We’ve been using Trixbox at my office since 2007. We’ve got about 30 extensions, 3 analog paging zones, a T1 PRI line for incoming and outgoing calls, VoIP service for outgoing long distance. HUDlite as an operator interface. It’s pretty vanilla stuff, I’m probably the only one who uses some of the advanced features like follow-me.

Our phone server hardware failed some months ago, and I’m running on some hacked-together hardware. While I could certainly just move to a new phone server, this seems like a good time to update to a supported distro. Plus, rather than implementing the same exact IVR scheme and feature set as before, maybe revisiting the way our staff and customers interact with the system.

I downloaded and started setting up FreePBX distro 4.211.64-9. It has certainly come a long way since 2007, that’s for sure!

Besides the basics, what new Free PBX Distro functionality should we roll our with our new system? What are cool yet functional and productive things that we can do? I’d say 99% of our users just answer the phone and transfer some calls, but with the nearly 100% transition to Smartphones, could there be a way to more easily integrate those? Presence detection through Bluetooth?

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



One thing I do differently in regards to smartphones at Schmoozecom (where I am employed). Is that I installed BRIA on my iphone, I then have BRIA register to the server as a new extension and then in find me follow me for my desktop phone I add the BRIA extension there, after setting and playing with a few settings I have a situation where as when someone calls my desk phone it also rings my cell phone (through SIP) and I can pickup in either location.

That’s a simple example and it can be done other ways then just using Find me Follow Me