Welcome music and Hold music on Queue

I have a problem that I hadn’t noticed so far.
I get calls through inbound routes enter a queue, here I added a message in Music on Hold Class. The problem is that the caller hears this welcome message, but when I answer from an extension and put it on pause, he listens to the same music.

I would like anyone who enters the queue to listen to a welcome message and at the same time the phones ring, when I answer and press Hold key they hear another message.

Now I understand that the message on Hold of parking must be put in Music on Hold Class, but where do I put the Welcome message?
Thanks to anyone who has a solution!

Not sure if that is what you want. In each queue you can set a join announcement and then a MOH category.

… and you can have as many MOH classes as you want, so each of your queues (or other applications that use MOH) can have their own stream.

Sorry I don’t understand why I don’t get emails from FreePBX community.
However it was not this, perhaps I have not explained well.
So I know where the MOHs go, and I can decide one MOH as the welcome message in Inband Routes, and another MOH as the hold music when I press the Hold button on the phones, so far so good.
Now if my route from Inband Routes -> Queue, when a call comes in, the welcome MOH starts, and so far so good. But when I press the Hold button on the phone the queue always plays the same welcome MOH message, and I would like to hear the hold MOH instead. Please wait, you are about to be transferred inside etc …

All this because I put the welcome message in Inband Routes, and that of Hold I put it in the extension.
While when I use the Queues they only have one MOH which is activated when a call enters the queue, or when I put the phone in Hold, it would take two MOH messages in the queue.
I read somewhere that it is still a problem of the Queue application, and I don’t know if in the latest version it has been fixed, the queues should be changed. I don’t know if it can be done differently.

It’s been broken (or intentionally turned off) for a while now.

Back to your issue. I don’t think that the MOH category is getting changed once the call was answered by an extension. You may want to file a feature request to be able to allow it.

As mentioned, if there’s a specific short welcome greeting you wish to play to the caller, you can make use of the join announcement feature.

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