Welcome music and Hold music on Queue

(Tony) #1

I have a problem that I hadn’t noticed so far.
I get calls through inbound routes enter a queue, here I added a message in Music on Hold Class. The problem is that the caller hears this welcome message, but when I answer from an extension and put it on pause, he listens to the same music.

I would like anyone who enters the queue to listen to a welcome message and at the same time the phones ring, when I answer and press Hold key they hear another message.

Now I understand that the message on Hold of parking must be put in Music on Hold Class, but where do I put the Welcome message?
Thanks to anyone who has a solution!

(Itzik) #2

Not sure if that is what you want. In each queue you can set a join announcement and then a MOH category.

(Dave Burgess) #3

… and you can have as many MOH classes as you want, so each of your queues (or other applications that use MOH) can have their own stream.