Welcome message before music on hold

I have the following set up:

Inbound route -> Set Called ID -> Time Conditions -> Ring Group

The Ring Group has music on hold. What I’m looking for is to add a “Welcome to company” announcement before starting to play the music on hold. I guess this can be done using Announcements, but this feature requires a “Destination after Playback”. What do I enter there? I’m afraid to get into a loop from which the caller can’t recover.

I had hoped to just add an announcement to my ring group, but the “Destination after Playback” got me thinking. I guess it can be done, but I’m probably thinking to difficult?

I fixed it the following way:

Inbound route -> Announcement -> Set Called ID -> Time Conditions -> Ring Group

Now I first have a friendly voice saying “Thank you for calling”, afterwards the music on holds starts like it did before.

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