Weird problem: Sangoma S500 phone VPN activated, IP in static mode & unable to log in to GUI

FreePBX / Current Asterisk Version 16.15.1 / all modules up to date

As the subject title says, I’m having a weird problem with a Sangoma S500 phone. The phone had been working fine until a short time ago. I was able to log in to the phone GUI, make calls, etc.

After I did a factory reset on the phone, I’m no longer able to log in with the phone GUI. The main display on the phone says “VPN activated”. The “Status” menu on the phone says the IP4 address is, and under the Network menu, IPV4 is blank, the WAN Type is “Static mode”, LAN Type is “Bridge mode”, and “VPN” is I’ve tried rebooting by removing the IP cable but the issue persists.

I don’t see any way to modify any of these settings.

Is there any way to physically reset the phone to factory settings, or is there some other method to jumpstart the phone?

Solution is here:

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