Weird problem: incoming calls don't get to the extensions


First of all, happy newyear to all forum members!

I’ve a very weird problem on one of my PBX’es… all incoming calls are terminated immediatly with the message “the user at extension. Goodbye” (yes, no extension number is played).

The PBX is hosted in the cloud (I know, not the safest thing to do but I’ll secure it later). The same PBX ran fine a few days ago with default settings and now I get this problem.

I thougt this was an upgrade issue so I reinstalled several flavours of freepbx and am still running into the same problem.
I’m running the PBX Firmware: 1.816.210.58-1 with PBX Service Pack:

SIP SHOW PEERS output shows the extension as reachable
99/99 84… D N A 40299 OK (114 ms)

SIP trunk is registered correctly and outgoing calls work fine.

When simulating an incoming call (extension 7777), everything works fine. Internal calls en echo call works fine to.

It’s not a problem of inbound routing, for testing purposes I route all calls to just one extension and even that doesn’t work.

Log of an incoming call is added below.

It’s not a firewall issue neither, I experience the same problem when connecting from a router that works fine with SIP (my other SIP phones connect perfectly to another PBX from this router).

I’m really stuck on this, can anybody give me some insight on how to proceed and what may cause this problem?

All help is much appreciated.

Never mind… For the sake of other users: had been playing with a freeswitch pbx on the same trunks. Even with the trunks disabled kept freeswitch some kind of connection that caused this problem. I deleted the entire pbx and problem solved… finally.