Weird network Issues NO IP/Unable to activate

Hello!.. I’ve had nothing but issues since a fresh install of the latest disto on a Lenovo Q190. I kept getting boot errors and I eventually changed the BIOS os legacy and I was able to get freepbx to boot up. I cant get centos to get an IP so I went to Ifcnfg-eth0 in terminal and changed onboot from “no” to “yes” rebooted and still had the same issue… So I created a static IP address in that file because I still at this point were unable to access the GUI. I rebooted and now when logging in via root in terminal under eth0 its giving me the static IP I created and also a new mac address under that IP (weird)… anyway the point I am at now Is I am able to log into the GUI but If I try and activate or grab my external IP address in sip settings I keep getting an error… “Unable to resolve”

Seems like a DNS issue, did you troubleshoot that already?

Yes I did. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

If its worth mentioning… I tried to install an older distro and after install I get an error “Some Firstboot error occurred, and the system is not properly set up”. So I reinstalled the latest distro and I’m back at square one with not being able to get an IP address and having to assign a static one via terminal just to access the GUI.

Can you ping If not, confirm that you have the correct entries for NETMASK and GATEWAY in your ifcfg-eth0 file. If that doesn’t help, report whether you can ping the gateway, what kind of router/firewall you have, etc.

If you can ping, can you ping If that won’t resolve, check your /etc/resolv.conf file. If it’s empty, try adding a line
to that file.

If you can ping but still get Unable to resolve from SIP Settings, use tcpdump to troubleshoot the DNS lookup.

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