Weird Echo Problem


I’m not sure at the moment if I should have posted this on Cisco’s site or here, but i figured I would try here.

I was going to use the a new SPA112 to hook it up to our alarm panel, but after I got it connected to our asterisk server I noticed something very strange. The when you place a call with the SPA112 there is always a echo on the other end of the line. Whether or not it’s to a another extension or to a outside line.

No other extensions (Polycom phones and a SPA2102-NA) have this problem. At the moment I’m at a loss on how to fix it or even being to trouble shoot it.

Try adjusting the levels. It’s an analog device. Any impedance mismatch will cause echo.

Would that also apply when it just the other end that hears the echo (their self and you) and you hear no echo?

A word of caution here:

I assume you’re trying to have your alarm call out through your PBX. In many areas, this may violate code, and in any case it is not a good practice to run an alarm behind any type of PBX.