Weird Call Flow question

I know what I’m about to ask can be fixed by using queues but we have an extremely stubborn customer so here goes;

We have a customer that has a ring group that has itself set as the destination. I realize this would work in a queue but they are unwilling to make changes unless I can come up with a way to convince them their callflow is hanging up on people. I believe they are losing calls when all users in the RG are busy, can anyone confirm that all users busy in a ring group that has itself as a destination will hang up as it creates a loop?

I can confirm that. It is re-entrant and will cause all sorts of problems. Probably after flooding your system with calls that can’t be completed

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maybe make the ring time very long.

or make ring group “Destination if no answer” to an announcement that has a “Destination after playback” back to that ring group. this still may loop though not sure what happens then.

A queue is still prob the better way to go… work on your sales pitch :smile: or just make the change and dont tell them not like they would know the difference without looking at panel.

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Yeah, that’s what I said! So what would happen with a Queue that has two members, they were busy and that queue points back at itself?

It would just be be requeued, but there are better ways of handling that in settings in “General Queue Options” and “Timing & Agent Options” et al , hold the call in the queue and let the caller know WTF


Why don’t you just test it and find out then demonstrate to the customer?