Weird Call completion and connectivity issues

Earlier this week the phone system stopped accepting inbound calls, or rather it started pushing them all to voicemail without ringing the lines. After several days of troubleshooting, I have determined the following:

Ghosts have re-arranged the Time Conditions so the phones never ring. - FIXED.

Two of my handsets are suddenly not going across the OpenVPN configured in FreePBX and registering that they are available. All but those two handsets can make successful outbound calls and I can see them as registered in EndPoint Management and the Asterisk Info report.

Focusing on one phone, I can confirm that it has a local IP address (with mask and gateway) but it isn’t making it across the VPN to the FreePBX server and never shows up as available or with an IP address from the VPN tunnel like all of the rest of the functional phones.

I have deleted the extension, I have deleted the VPN config for that device and I have rebuilt everything to do with it from the Sangoma portal, to Extension Mapping, to Extensions but no matter what I try the phone refuses to connect and participate with the game I’m trying to play.

We even swapped the physical location to another office down the hall just made sure we weren’t dealing with some odd cabling issue that popped up. Unplug working handset and plug in this one which gets a local IP but never registers. Plug the device that belongs in that office back in and sure enough it is ready to go to work.

Am I haunted? Am I doing this in the wrong order? The phone is throwing no errors on the screen and appears functional until you try to place a call (goes nowhere) or receive one (doesn’t ring).

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