Weird calendar issue

Had a confused client call saying they added entries into the “holiday” caledar in freepbx distro 15 for Christmas and New years. The events appear on the right days in the month calendar view but if you click on the event to edit it, it opens up and displays the next days date.

So for instance, the event for Christmas day 12/25/2023 is an “all day” event on the calendar and is indeed in the calendar square for Monday 12/25/2023. But if you click on the even to open/edit it, the start date and end date in the form both display 12/26/23. If you click cancel, nothing is changed… if you click submit however, it moves the event to 12/26/23…

if however I uncheck “all day” and put in a time range like 6am to 6pm and a start/end date of 12/25/23 then editing the event show’s everything proper.

So it appears this is an issue with event’s that use the “all day” function.

EDIT… Seems to only be an issue on FreePBX Distro 15. Distro 16 does not display the issue so probably not worth reporting at this point.

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