Website error when purchasing epm

I registered the system, added the credit card and then attempted to purchase the epm and got the following error. I was running windows 8.1 using google chrome as the browser.

ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: The page you requested was not found.
[ 0 ]

  1. SYSDIR/libraries/Exceptions.php [ 97 ] » MY_Exceptions->show_error(arguments)
  2. SYSDIR/codeigniter/Common.php [ 256 ] » CI_Exceptions->show_404(arguments)
  3. SYSDIR/codeigniter/CodeIgniter.php [ 231 ] » show_404(arguments)
  4. FCPATH/index.php [ 158 ] » require_once(arguments)

What version of the FreePBX Distro are you running?

5.211.65-8, 64 bit. vanilla install. wanted to add epm before configuring the system.

I just looked at the deployment and it shows that the commercial epm is licensed for it.
Item Name Qty Expiration
LM-Global License L25 Year License 1 2039-03-17
FreePBX-CM-EndPoint Manager 25 Year License 1 2039-03-17

I think I figured out what happened but i am surprised that it caused the website error. here is what i did.
i created the deployment, then attempted to purchase the software before registering the deployment from the pbx gui. once i did register the deployment, the epm became operational.

What you did that solved it should have no effect on the issue you are seeing. However with that said, we did find an error with Internet Explorer and the way it was handling when people click on Checkout to be taken to the checkout page. This however was resolved as soon as it was brought to our attention. In the future should you hit an issue with the Portal, please open a ticket at so that we can take a look at your specific case and determine what occurred.