WebRtc module

I’m doing a test of freepbx in aws, I have a rhel 7 guest that I have start with and so fare most items are up and running.

I have chosen asterisk 16 as the current version of lts asterisk.

When I try to download the module for webrtc I get an error of

  1. “Unsupported Version of Asterisk, You need at least 11.11 you have 16.1.0”

Is there a workaround for this?

This is probably a bug, and needs to be reported on issues.freepbx.org

Be sure to include the most details you have.

The work around will be to use Asterisk 15.

Or use EDGE where it’s fixed :slight_smile: of webrtc (98821). It is 55 days old of webrtc (98820). It is 55 days old

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