WebRTC in UCP no inbound calls

I have enabled the WebRTC phone in the UCP for all of my users. However, users are unable to receive inbound calls to their extensions via the WebRTC phone. Outbound calls are fine. CHAN_SIP is in use.

Upon further inspection, and I don’t know how relevant this is I have found that all but one or two extensions do not appear to have the 99xxxx extension added into the dial plan for the normal extension under the extension’s hints. I only know of one extension that did work, but I do not know at this time if it still does.

The Dialplan : https://gist.githubusercontent.com/roblevesque/5e0d8525d7ef186109f05de04f1e9aa2/raw/bb5dc622fd980cc729d6fa4e5fdfc38a21fd1b1c/asterisk-dialplan (as outputted by asterisk -x “dialplan show”)

The full log: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/roblevesque/4acca4d5b7e4145b9097889d756dfb8f/raw/3e9cc9f3713bffa21e1ee64bee5ef1bb96970361/asterisk-log

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

To anyone else having this issue I was able to get it working again on the couple of test extensions I tried.

The fix? I turned it off and back on again. I have a user group setup that has all of my users on it so that I can change some settings en mass so I was able to set the WebRTC feature off in the group under User management. Once off, I applied the settings and repeated the process to turn it back on. Once I did that the test extensions were then able to receive phone calls via the UCP.

Why this happened I couldn’t tell you. I have a theory that some of the extensions got messed up during a bulk update via the build handler. There was a recent bug that wiped out voicemail recordings (iirc) and I wonder if a similar, or the same, bug bungled up the dial plan rules (or something) for the WebRTC phone in the UCP.

This is above my pay grade to figure out, but if anyone else has a similar problem just try turning it off and back on again. The old IT diagnostic technique strikes again. I should have known.