WEBrtc Doesn't Work in U&D mode

Continuing the discussion from WebRTC Softphone module now available for FreePBX!:

Any update as to when this might be supported?

It certainly wasn’t made clear at the time of purchase that this would be an issue, and we have a license / etc which doesn’t work as we use U&D mode on our PBX

I understand that you may have licensed some commercial modules, however the WebRTC module is not a paid module . User and Device mode is not an officially supported configuration in FreePBX , there are too many gotchas. You can look forward to some similar functionality to be enabled by PJSIP usage in Asterisk 12 and above, but not likely full on U&D modes.

As for WebRTC that module is currently experiencing some difficulties outside the control of FreePBX, we are waiting for the pieces from , Asterisk, WebRTC and various browsers to align again so we can take another look and update to the latest supported components. Unfortunately, that’s just the state of WebRTC at this point, lots of moving pieces.