Webrtc creating many extensions

I’m assuming this is an issue with Webrtc.
I have some extensions, take 208 for example.
One day 99208 appeared. Then 9999208, then lots more.
Today its all the way up to 999999999999208.

How do I stop this?

Some clarification as to what precipitated this? logs ?

I’ve seen this before, and any attempt to reliably repro this has failed for me. If you’re not using webrtc (the web phone in UCP) then you can just disable the module and clean up all the errant devices by browsing to admin/config.php?display=devices and manually deleting them.

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My Zabbix server is notifying me that these “extensions” are down.

What webrtc client are you using (and exactly how)?

I am not using one at the moment. I did enable this months ago for a friend to use, but it looks like they are not interested so I may just disable the module.

good idea, when sh1t don’t work . . .

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